Weeping and Prayer Part 2

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1. Grieving with God over the state of His creation, the church and us as individuals. 

I think in looking at the prophecies from Joel, and our little “imagine” session we have touched upon the need for weeping, mourning and crying in repentance for the state of creation, church and individual.

Our personal times of repentant weeping need not be periods of extended sorrow. We can decide to yield to the Spirits revelation and move on in joy into the way He would have us walk. We may however, in His grace, find that He reveals many things throughout our life as He changes us from one degree of glory to another. We need to remain exposed to the Word of God, the heart of God and compliant with His leading.

In respect of grieving with Him over the lost and creation, this is an ongoing process. When we spend time with Father, if we are truly intimate with Him, we need to be a tuned to His heart and grieving over what He wants us to

a) see and weep about,

b) know His desire and ask Him in persistent prayer

c) act upon, if He has placed it within our personal power to effect a change

d) prophetically proclaim the promise and dominion of God into situations

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