The Power Of The Woman.

Do you know the power of the Woman? Do you know what a Woman represents in a Nation? Do you know who a Woman is? Do you know the Multiplication Power in a Woman? Do you know the Solution a Woman brings (into situations)? I want Women that are touched by the things that touch Me. I want Burden Bearers. I want Women with Needle and Thread that will stitch the loose ends, sew the torn places and hem the World. I want Women that will Suture things. There is enormous work to be done, but there are few hands to do it. There are a lot of people around, but how many are burdened, how many have understanding, how many are committed, devoted and selfless?

I have many Orpahs, but few Ruths. The Orpahs hear and decide to go with Me, but when the journey becomes difficult, they bid Me farewell. How many are consistent and will follow Me to the end like Ruth?

Tell My Children not to serve Me grumbling, but serve Me with joy. It is a great privilege and honor for those who has found the Treasure.


Financiers and The Kingdom Agenda

Call forth Financial Supporters. I will raise people that their main work will be just to support this work, because in the days that are coming, the work will be very swift, so that money will not be a challenge. Their main calling is to support the work, and they shall not feel overburdened. They will do it with ease and grace, and as a service to The Lord. It shall not be burdensome. They will be delighted to do it and they will be My True Facilitators. These ones will know that I have blessed them because of The Kingdom, and will not allow any Kingdom Project to suffer. They will not do it by compulsion but willingly. I Am raising people that will take up the support of The Kingdom Agenda, those that understand The Kingdom.

Many preach about The Kingdom without understanding The Kingdom. When you understand The Kingdom, everything stands aside in the pursuance of getting what belongs to The Kingdom. I will raise those that are Kingdom minded and understand The Kingdom Agenda. Those that are Kingdom minded do not build empires to settle in a foreign land.

If you cooperate with Me your healing process has begun but you have been waiting for opportunity, the opportunity may pass you by.

I have begun and if you are ready I am ready but if you want to delay I will pass you by. My daughters I am in for a season of business, but you have to create the ground for it. Do not be far away from me because I am close by to touch you by the sighing of your heart. I am here for tangible miracles, for results and to bring a change. Do not come with the eye of old but I behold, I do a new thing.

Let your perception and mentality change. I want you to be focused and attentive, it has cost Me for all of you to be here and I will achieve maximum result. My Angels are here, My help is already released, I say to you drink from My cup – drink for your cleansing, purging and refreshment. I have brought a drink before you.

See Me with the eye of your heart. Don’t you know your heart has an eye. Do not see Me with physical eyes but see Me with the eye of your spirit.

Even now I am stirring the water for you, see and jump into the water you will be made whole. The heart that will receive from Me are the heart of a child, a broken heart and penitent heart. When I see these, I will not pass by.



It is the reign of My righteousness. I Am looking for women who will bring me into their nations. As you stand for me do not afraid or be weary. You don’t know what I Am using you to do or the grounds you are conquering. Rejoice for these Nations. Rejoice for you are standing for these Nations. Do you know the havoc that has been caused in Nations that I don’t have voices that will cry to me? Daughters, I want you to be encouraged don’t think your labours are in vain or that it is not yielding results. I will magnify your little strength.


My Ambassadors

Go teach righteousness. Be My Ambassadors, represent me. Don’t you know you are My representatives, on Ambassadorial work? Don’t you know that I have sent you? If it is your government that sent you, you will have bragged and made noise about it and taken it, as a big offer, but you don’t know that you are My Ambassadors. Have you seen any ambassador that takes care of himself and whose government does not provide or and is in lack?

Have understanding of your responsibility. Do you know that it is the way they see an ambassador that they take his country? The ambassador is there to represent the interest of his country. It is not everybody that can be an Ambassador. An ambassador is a choice one, a tested one, an approved one, person of integrity and of excellent character. I say to you My worker be an ambassador.

Some of you will ask me to open their eyes that they will see more clearly.

I Am giving you a Fresh Mandate. Bring down My KINGDOM and I ask you, have I offended any of you, have I done you any wrong, have I not been faithful, have I not provided for you?


Risk Takers

I want you to have the heart of the business man. He may not have money, but he will go to the bank for a loan without fear of how it will be paid back. They take a loan and build. They don’t go with fear, they go with optimism because they are Risktakers. They are not afraid of taking risks.

A businessman exercises faith. The spirit of faith. They believe in themselves and in what they can do. They believe there will be profit even when they don’t know the challenges ahead. Even if their fate seems bleak, they are not discouraged, they continue, and in their continuity, they come to a point where they can stand tall as a tree. The life of a business man is full of ups and downs, obstacles, challenges, oppositions, but they never allow it stop them. They control money. But before this, they have gone through challenges of life, but this does not stop them. They ignore the challenges and keep on and move ahead. Their faith comes through and works something good and this makes everyone admire them. What makes a businessman is the ability to take risk. He has the ability to continue in the midst of failure, still trusting and believing that one day he will make it. Eschew chicken heartedness, it will not allow you to go far. It limits and is myopic in nature. It has no ability of bravery. Be an adventurer. Break into things and break through.

Learn of Me. Am I not a businessman? Did I not sow My only Seed, and has He not brought multitudes to Me? Was it not the highest risk any man can take? Did I not give out what I have to get what I don’t have? It is the same spirit in a farmer. Farmer’s sow. There are times drought will destroy all the seed. He can borrow seed to sow, and will have in mind that it can bring him a harvest. Does the adverse weather condition or attack of disease stop a farmer from farming?

I am painting a picture of Risk takers. When they break through, they become celebrated and win Nobel prizes. Will a farmer say, because it did not rain this year, next year, I will not plant crops? A farmer works with optimism, believing next year it will get better.

Be futuristic. Be optimistic. Don’t judge the condition of the weather by the present, because the weather changes with time. If you see the weather gloomy, don’t conclude that it will remain so, for in the twinkling of an eye it can change to a favourable condition, then your judgment would have been defective. Don’t conclude by the present weather condition, but be optimistic and move on by faith to conquer.

Move on, don’t stop halfway, get to the end.

If My people will remove selfishness, I will begin to bring Teams to cooperate and merge with them. The only thing that will kill it is selfishness. It pains Me when I see My people in lack. I want to eradicate ‘lack’ in your vocabulary. Lack is not when you cannot eat in a day; it is when you cannot solve problems. Do not be a complainer.

I want to make you a problem solver, physically, spiritually and financially. This will distinguish you from the common man.

You should not just pray for spiritual access, but ask also for physical access. I have given you all things that pertain to life and godliness. It is time for you to ask for it. I said in My Word that you will prosper and have your reward here and hereafter.

Maintain the principle, keep the law, have integrity, righteousness, uprightness and avoid greed and covetousness.

Know that the law guides every endeavour, and keep to it, and call Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know about.

I will lead you, I will guide you, I will be with you, I will send you help in the time of need, says the Lord.