Wailing Women Worldwide, United Kingdom

The move of the wailing women is a move of the Holy Spirit. These are spirit-filled women raised by the Lord globally to labour in prayer.

We are women whose hearts are completely sold out to seeing the Kingdom of God revealed on Earth. Our intercessory prayers are motivated and born out of love Matthew 5 v 44. This is a self-giving ministry of love and care for the benefits of churches, families and nations. We endure strains and pains on our knees for the sake of others (2cor 1 v 3-4). We stand in the gap for families, churches and the Nations; for the kingdom of God to come and to usher more souls into his Kingdom. We are basically called to

  • Travail and birth new Nations and destinies in accordance with God’s plan (Habakkuk 2 v14, Matt 6v 10, Dan 9v 3-19 2chro 7 v14)
  • To run special errands for the Lord (Ezekiel 33 v 7-9 Rev 21 v 4-8)
  • To fight against the Kingdom of darkness (Jer 1v10, 2 Corinth10 v3-5, Jer 14v10)
  • To prophetically guard the gates of Nations ( Jer 51 v 20-23, Isaiah 41v15-16)
  • To pray and usher genuine repentance in nations across the globe ( Joel 2 v12-17 , Romans 8v19-21

Wailing Women UK has been in existence since 2011 and we currently have eight branches in the following locations, Edmonton, Croydon, Sheffield, Reading, Woolwich, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

We conduct various intercessory prayers for families, churches and the nation.

  • Daily live online prayers between 8pm to 9pm
  • Early morning prayers between 5am to 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Monthly Night Vigils for all Coordinators.
  • Quarterly Weekend Retreat at Various Cities locations.
  • Annual National Conference in a Chosen City in United Kingdom.
  • Annual International Conference in Port  Harcourt in August.
  • Annual Leadership Training Submit in February in a Country Chosen by the Lord.

We have experienced a great manifestation of God’s power through our prayers. We can boldly testify that when we pray God works.

It is our vision to set up wailing women Chapters in every neighbourhood in the United Kingdom and we welcome interested women who would like to set up a Chapter in their Area. If you have a passion for prayer and compassion for the lost and would like to step up a Chapter or be part of us  please you can register online on