Our Mission

To affect positively every sphere of influence and establish the will of God on earth.

The call for the Wailing Women is to provoke tears of true repentance that the Church and the nations of the world will learn to worship God in spirit and in truth. This will salvage the world from crisis. A wave of terror is sweeping over the world. In the midst of this unprecedented violence, the nations of the world will gradually divide into opposing camps.

The Lord is intent on taking the Church back to the Old Pathway. This is to ensure that “the kingdoms of this world do become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ” (Revelation 11:15). The scene is being set for the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ, and God is preparing His army for the last great battle of our time (Revelation 19:19). The emergence of the Wailing Women at this point in the history of the world is a sign that God is rounding up events leading to the judgment. As it were, we are approaching the climax of history.